Cooking Japanese noodles in Europe

Ramen is undoubtedly one of the most popular fast food in Japan. When I was leaving the country, I was sure that I will be missing it. So I purchased a dedicated machine to create the noodles. It is a simple, manually operated machine (like pasta makers), but has multiple functions that I needed some training to get used to.


Anyway, here are some outcomes.



The good thing here is that I can easily get quality flour in supermarket. There are actually many types of flour: wholewheat, buckwheat, etc. so I can create any types of Japanese noodles in theory. One thing missing here, however, is the Chinese magic powder that makes noodles chewy.

The broth can be made from chicken legs or pork bones which are also easy to find, and we have great mushrooms here in Czech Republic.


On weekends I enjoy trying to cook different types of noodles. I created Soba today:


It was a bit of a challenge, because buckwheat flour tends to dry out quickly.

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