GNOME.Asia 2016

Last month I had a chance to attend GNOME.Asia 2016, held in Delhi this year. While it was my second time to visit India – the last visit was the memorable FOSS.IN in 2012 in Bangalore, it still feels special. I arrived on the day before the first day so I could attend the whole conference. The first day was for workshops and I learned the GStreamer API for the first time.

The second day started with Cosimo’s keynote on sandboxed applications and distribution. I only have a brief experience with Flatpak and the OSTree based OS images but it seems to be the future. After that Pravin gave a keynote on Indian specific issues in GNOME and it was great to see most of the things work out of box.


On the third day, Michael talked about the GNOME based desktop environment customized for the various needs of Chinese users, which I found most interesting. Following his talk I gave a (non-technical) talk on my own experience of writing applications. In the evening, the local volunteers kindly invited us to a criket match and taught us the rules.

After the conference days, I went to Pune for work. While I had to skip the outing to Taj Mahal on the Sunday because of this, Pune was also a really nice place to visit.

I would like to thank the local organizers and GNOME.Asia team for this great conference and the GNOME Foundation for partially sponsoring my trip.


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