GNOME.Asia Summit 2014

Sorry for a bit belated post. In the last month I attended GNOME.Asia, held in Beijing this year, in conjunction with FUDCon APAC. The conference was perfectly organized and I had a lot of fun with the enthusiastic people. Congratulations to the organizers on the successful event.

aPhoto by Rye Yao, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The conference started with the keynotes from both GNOME and Fedora sides, which gave me a nice overview of what’s happening/planned in those projects. The talks by the GNOME core developers were great. Allan exhibited the UI design of the access control of sandboxed applications and Lennart talked about the systemd development plan.
I had a chance to meet with a couple of speakers from Indonesia and found the geographical features and the culture very interesting, from the I18N point of view. Anish and I gave a talk about input method. He discussed the user interface focusing on text prediction and I talked about the implementation matters (slides).
Oh, and there was a mention that Japan could be a potential host of a GNOME event. Luckily, an expert was there, so we can expect it happen in near future 😉

Even after the conference we had a fun time at the speaker dinner, one day trip to the Great Wall, a Beijing GNU/Linux user group meetup, and a visit to the Red Hat Beijing office. Thanks all the people I met.

Thanks GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my travel and accommodation.