GHM 2013

I’m just back home after four weeks in Europe. The stay ended with the 7th GHM (GNU Hackers’ Meeting) at IRILL in Paris, France. As usual, the meeting was cosy and warm, but this time quite a few people (around 40) attended. The topics varied from kernel (Hurd), compiler (GDC), distribution (Guix), network protocol (GNUnet), accessibility, Emacs, statistics (PSPP), and free software activism (April), and all the talks were very interesting. Also, as a newbie GNU maintainer, I got some good discussions out there, including one with Patrice Dumas on translation of texinfo files using the Texinfo XML format.

Luca preparing the opening
Luca preparing the opening

Thanks to the organizers, speakers, and attendees. Thanks again to GNOME Foundation for allowing me to attend another conference with the GUADEC travel sponsorship.


From August 1 to 8, I attended GUADEC for the first time. The conference overall was lively and quite different from whatever I’ve attended in the past. In the first four core days, there were a lot of talks from the core developers and contributors. I specially enjoyed the security talk by Stef Walter, where he is trying to minimize the distractions with security questions.

Brno city tour after day 4
Brno city tour after day 4

Aside from the talks, there were several BOFs (including Wayland, accessibility, input methods, open fonts) where I got plenty of good discussions, which resulted in finally landing the Wayland patch for IBus (though it is still a technology preview and not enabled by default), GSettings schema support for gettext, etc.

After the conference, I have been staying in the city for one more week and working from the Red Hat Brno office, and discussed more about input methods toward Wayland. Thanks Rui and Giovanni for helping my stay.

I’ll take a vacation from this weekend and move back to Prague, Paris, and then Tokyo, but will definitely miss the quiet atmosphere and quality beers in Brno.

Thanks GNOME Foundation for the travel sponsorship.