eekboard 0.90.4 released

I released eekboard 0.90.4 and built it in F-16 and F-15. Major changes from the last release include theme support ported from GNOME-Shell. You can now customize colors, fonts, and border widths, etc. by editing a CSS file.

Here are some screen shots:

The default theme is located at /usr/share/eekboard/themes/default.css. I added --theme option to eekboard-xml to test themes easily:

$ eekboard-xml --model=kinesis --dump > keyboard.xml
$ eekboard-xml --theme custom-theme.css --load keyboard.xml

This release also adds several options to eekboard-desktop-client.

# To draw keyboard in full-screen mode
$ eekboard-desktop-client --fullscreen
# To use "kinesis" keyboard geometry
$ eekboard-desktop-client --model=kinesis

4 Replies to “eekboard 0.90.4 released”

  1. nice one.
    an option to center the keyboard in fullscreen mode would be nice. margins and paddings didnt seem to work in the CSS file.

    and … maybe a button to move the keyboard up and down in fullscreen mode to be able to select input fields beneath it.

    otherwhise … realy good work 🙂

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